1. I do not desire mediocre love. I want to drown in someone.
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  2. radicalace:

    I just realized that I grew up during a time where the crazy frog was a thing. Like that was an actual thing that happened, that blue fucking piece of shit frog took the world by storm and it even had a tiny dick and all it did was sing annoying songs while racing around sci-fi towns in a distant future on an invisible motorbike. I can’t believe this. How did that happen. Who LET that happen.

  3. It’s so beautiful to kiss someone who actually means a lot to you.
    Alena M. (via breanna-lynn)
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  4. I’d give anything to be able to eat what I want and not feel the need to punish my body for it.
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  7. Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together?
    Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.
    Emery Allen (via versteur)
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  8. sugar-coated-killer:

    do u ever lay in bed and get really sad about ur favorite person because theyre not in the bed with u

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black & white quotes/gifs here
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  11. I crave you
    in the most
    innocent form.
    I crave to say
    good night
    and give you
    forehead kisses
    and to say
    that I adore you
    when you feel
    at your worst.
    I crave you
    in ways
    where I just
    want to be
    next to you
    and nothing
    more or less.
    I don’t know who wrote this, but it is my favourite. (via liannedotcom)
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  12. Respect your uniqueness and drop comparison. Relax into your being.
    Osho (via lazyyogi)
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  13. bonelessbuffalochicken:

"You’re gonna do great today"


    "You’re gonna do great today"

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  14. If you find yourself thinking “Wait. Can’t say that. He’ll think I’m weird and fucked up.” Ditch them and find someone who responds with something twice as weird and three times as fucked up.

    Jeremiah Van Guilder (via lullabysounds)

    j-dizzle-fo-shizzle 😂😘😘

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